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Estimating the size of the FARC?s total budget is an inexact science. Pinzon?s estimate of the rebels?revenue from the drug trade differs widely from exam help recent calculation released by the Attorney General?s Office, which put their total profits at around $1. 1 billion. Both of these tests are far higher than the United Nations Development application?s calculation in 2003, which listed the FARC?s annual income at no greater than $342 million, with $204 million coming from the drug trade. Additionally, Pinzon?s assertion that the FARC are ?linked?to nearly two thirds of cocaine produced in Colombia is exam help deceptively broad remark. These links can range from involvement in overseeing the early stages of coca cultivation quiz help processing exam help directly exporting shipments of the drug into neighboring nations like Venezuela or Ecuador. Turkey’s army chief Gen. Necdet Ozel vowed Wednesday examination help reply with more force exam help any additional shelling from Syria, keeping up the pressure on its southern neighbor exam help day after NATO said it stood ready exam help defend Turkey. Every company it is concerned in building exam help any big degree could be aware of the Site Management Safety Training scheme. It is exam help short course that teaches individuals crucial information on construction work behavior quiz help protocols. The focus of the course is on offering quiz help retaining health quiz help safety. The education is usually taken by site managers of projects or development organizations.